Friday, 19 June 2020

SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive

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SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive
SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive

PenDrive are generally data carrying devices which are used for transferring data such as videos , images, documents, presentations etc. from on pc to another.
It can store vast size of data  based on storage capacity in a small chip, which can be carried easily whenever and wherever you required. Pen drive is required for various fields official as well as non official uses, you can use this chip to connect television and sound system though as well as you can carry information and presentations to perform meetings in office's.
You can connect this pendrive to smartphones with OTG cables also some of pendrive with OTG port are available in market.
By using pendrive you can instantly transfer information and data with less time. You can also transfer or carry coded data safely through this compact devices. Pen drives made human effort easy and reduces work. 
Due to digital age use and demand of this device is high by the customers. From elder people to kids every one uses this device for educational purpose, official purpose etc.
So here we are providing you best choice based on best rating and low price with vast storage capacity. Hope we will help you get better choice and quality product from Amazon.

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Features of SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive

  • This Pen Drive contains Dual micro-USB and USB 3.0 Connectors.
  • It has High-Speed USB 3.0 which leads to super fast file transfers of upto 150MB/s.
  • It is available in various memory storage capacity like 16 GB,32 GB,64 GB,128 GB.
  • Product is compatible with all  Pc's and laptops also with smartphones and tablets having B type Micro USB port.
  • Automatically detected when connected to OTG enabled smartphones.
  • Product is Compact in size easily fits in pocket.
  • Body is tough and product is long lasting.
  • It comes with free delivery.


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