Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Triggers for pubg mobile - BOKA Tula Shape Game Controller Pad

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Triggers for pubg mobile - BOKA Tula Shape Game Controller Pad
Triggers are used as game controller pad for all mobile phones android as well as iPhone. Its function is to perform the tapping action when button is pressed with triggering mechanism which makes your game play easy and effortless, they are easy to handle and easily fits on mobiles. It is important for improving gaming performance which includes high precision aiming and shooting without delay.
Most of the professional players use game controlling triggers for making their game play effective and makes money by online streaming of games on YouTube by giving high performance with help of triggers. Triggers are used for playing Action games, Adventure games, racing games etc. Triggers are compact and they can be carried in pocket though. They are made of tough materials so they can long last and can be reusable even after long time. There are various brands local as well as international for this type of products.

Features of BOKA Tula Shape PUBG Triggers Game Controller Pad

  • This Triggers are used as game controller which will take your gaming skills to next level.
  • You can experience improvement in your gaming performance as you can aim and shoot all at same time.
  • This triggers are compatible with all android smartphones and iPhone.
  • You can enjoy playing PUBG mobile, PUBG Lite, Critical Ops, Fortnite, Battle Royale, Knives Out, Rules of survival, Survivor Royale and many more with high precision aiming and shooting by pressing triggers with your index fingers.
  • Triggers are of high quality made with metal buttons and ABS Plastic which is suitable for your mobile screen without any damage,
  • You require less efforts to press buttons due to smooth triggering mechanism, Aiming and firing is done without delay so you can easily eliminate enemies.
  • No external power supply is required for triggers.
  • Triggers are water proof and are not affected by any temperature changes they can be used in warm conditions as well as cold.


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