Friday, 10 July 2020

Nutty Gritties Sports Mix 350gms

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Nutty Gritties Sports Mix 350gms

Dry fruits are most energy providing food products. Dry fruits provides various vitamins, calcium, proteins. Nutty Gritties Sports Mix provides you mixture of various dry fruits in one pack. Nutty gritties sports mix select pure and best quality dry fruits for their mixture pack. You can carry this pack as travelling snacks with you or you can eat this mix while watching movies with friends or you can offer this to relatives visiting your house. You can also gift this pack with a gift wrap to your loved one's on festive occasions. It is  healthy snack and helps you to maintain physical fitness. Nutty Gritties is known brand for selling quality dry fruits since 1887. They are most trusted brand and they satisfy customers need. They provide all types of dry fruits and this product is perfect combo of various premium quality dry fruit mix. If you are looking for healthy snacks and quality dry fruits this is perfect product for you.

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Features of Nutty Gritties Sports Mix 350gms

  • Pure vegetarian mix product.
  • Ingredients includes 20% roasted almonds, 20% roasted cashew nuts, 10% roasted pistachios, 10% dried blueberries, 25% dried cranberries and 15% raisins.
  • Product provides high energy, rich source of proteins, kids friendly snack. Best before 12 months from manufacturing.
  • No chemical preservatives in product, natural product.
  • Great snack for pre and post workout and sports.
  • Tasty snack for tiffin box of kids.
  • You can use it as toppings on desserts, salads, smoothies, cakes, yogurts etc.


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