Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Wipro Garnet 12W Emergency Bulb (Inverter LED bulb) With Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

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Wipro Garnet 12W Emergency Bulb (Inverter LED bulb) With Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

Wipro Garnet 12W Emergency Bulb (Inverter LED bulb) With Inbuilt Rechargable Battery

Emergency light is important in every house and everyone have it in the form of Torch, LED lights and such others. But as we need to charge them regular or needs to replace their batteries most of the time they are unable to serve you when actually need it. Understanding this issue Wipro introduced Garnet Emergency Bulb which are just as other LED bulbs in your home but comes with inbuilt battery which automatic charge during bulb on AC mode and also start automatically during emergency if switch is on. Now you don't need to worry about load shedding or emergency you have the perfect solution on it.

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Details of Wipro Garnet 12W Emergency Bulb

  • Bulb have In-build 2600 mAH rechargeable Li ion battery
  • During emergency mode its battery have a backup of about 4 hours
  • Battery in the bulb get charged automatically when the bulb is on electricity mode
  • It gets fully charged in 8-10 hours of AC supply
  • Overcharging protection system of the bulb keep your battery safe after it gets fully charged
  • It works on wide voltage mode which is 130-300 V which ensures its safety against voltage fluctuation
  • It works as a regular LED bulb on AC mode and Emergency bulb if their is no AC supply
  • The Garnet 12W Emergency Bulb have 6 months warranty


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