Use persona builder beta to create and get insights on your personas

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Regions: US, CA, MX, BR, UK, DE, FR, IN, ES, IT, AE, SA, NL, SE, TR, JP, AU. You can now better understand your audiences and create your own custom brand personas with persona builder. Using Amazon insights, you can discover and validate audience shopping and streaming behaviors. Then, seamlessly save and activate those same audiences through your Amazon Ads campaigns. Persona builder enables you to use Amazon’s first-party insights to learn more about your audiences, such as their interests and relevant life events. You can create your own custom brand personas by combining existing audiences into a single persona. For example, if you are releasing a premium headphone with fitness branding, you can create a persona by combining the Amazon “interested in technology,” “in market for headphones,” and “in market for fitness clothing” segments. You can reach your personas on Amazon and beyond by saving them to Amazon DSP. Persona builder API takes an audience expression, representing a persona, as input. The API returns aggregated insights for that persona. An advertiser can call the API to save an audience expression to Amazon DSP as a “combined audience.”

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