Troubleshoot your Sponsored Products campaigns for ad-serving issues with the campaign diagnostics API

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Advertisers and partners can now troubleshoot their Sponsored Products campaigns for any product eligibility, ad policy, or featured offer competitiveness issues by calling the campaign diagnostics API. This API allows partners to programmatically fetch an aggregated list of issues across supported issue types (product eligibility, ad policy, featured offer competitiveness) for a single Sponsored Products campaign or list of Sponsored Products campaigns through a single API call. Previously, API users had to call separate APIs for product eligibility and ad policy troubleshooting, each taking different entity type (SKU, AdID respectively), then consolidate the results to get an overview of issues impacting their Sponsored Products campaigns. The campaign diagnostics API removes the discovery and cognitive load associated with troubleshooting a Sponsored Products campaign by presenting an aggregated view along with an impact assessment of the issue across the campaign. For more details, see the technical specifications for the campaign diagnostics API ( />

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